Kameron Perez-Verdia

Leadership for our schools

Focused on kids

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Dear Neighbor,

I was born and raised in Alaska and for over 20 years I’ve worked to improve education.

I understand managing tight budgets, working with others to solve problems, and engaging our community.

The reason I want to be on the Anchorage School Board is to ensure that we have a strong public school system for all our children. This is the foundation of a strong Anchorage economy that will benefit all of us!

I would appreciate your vote for Anchorage School Board on Tuesday, April 1st.


Kameron and Eric Croft Kameron with Eric Croft

Kameron with Vic Fisher and Jane Angvik Kameron with Vic Fisher and Jane Angvik

Kameron Perez-Verdia brings…

Experienced leadership

  • Smart and conservative management of money, schools, programs, and staff
  • Advocacy for adequate and sustainable funding
  • 20 years as a leader in business and education, successfully managing people, budgets and complicated systems

Balanced leadership

  • Informed and practical decision making
  • A willingness to ask tough questions and challenge past practices
  • High expectations and hard work

Leadership focused on kids

  • Decisions focused on what is best for kids
  • A commitment to preparing ALL students for success in life
  • A pledge to champion strong public schools

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